Depuis 1992, dans On ze rocks, il y a bien sûr du rock “ tout à fond”, mais aussi de la pop, de la folk, des interviews, des sessions live en direct, l’avenir du rock, le glorieux passé et quelques bêtises... C’est tous les lundis dès 19h30 sur le 96.2 fm dans la région d’Orléans, ou sur ce site en direct live ...

Keep on rockin’ !

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Une Battle avec Sylvain Trémeau sur le thème: SIDE PROJECT.

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Green day " Stab you int the heart"
Sukoï Fever " nobody loves me "

Et plein de surprises qu'on vous dit pas quoi sinon c'en n'est plus ...
...des surprises.

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Un Monde qui brûle, des notes qui réchauffent et des reprises qui flottent...

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Ana calvi & courtney barnett " don't beat the girl out of my boy"
Emily jane White " infernal "
Michael Stipe " drive to the ocean"
Pearl jam " dance of the clairvoyants"
Drive by truckers "rosemary with a bible and a gun "
leon Bridges " texas sun"
nada surf " mathilda "
Sukoï Fever " my childhood died for a second time "
tami neilson " you were mine "
The regrettes " coloring book "
Roseaux & Ben l'oncle soul "island"
Asgeir " pictures"
leif Vollebekk " wait a while "
Jesper Lindell " if i wake up in the morning "
robert Jon and the wreck " i know it's wrong "
Rachelle Garniez " rasperry beret "
joan as police woman " kiss"
sasha dobson " big yellow taxi "
Valerie june " cosmic dancer"
inspector cluzo " we the people of the soïl "
Liam gallagher " stand by me "
Huey lewis and the news "while we're young "
Emily King " the switch "
Ike and tina turner " Proud mary"
Charles berberian " underestimate"

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Des instruments à cordes, à percussions, voire les deux...

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sofiane pamart " la havane"
shannon wright "somedays"
Roseaux feat melissa Laveaux " you can discover"
jesca hoop " red white and black "
Black pumas " touch the sky"
Rufus Thomas " can you monkey dothe dog"
Sukoï fever " now or never"
green day " oh yeah !"
jesper Lindell " whatever happens"
stereophonics "stiches"
Jonathan Something "New jersey rum"
The velvet underground " i'm waiting for my man "
Mattiel " berlin week end"
say I " a macbookpro to a nineties dell"
Bull " bedroom " flor"
Mr Ben and the bens "celegongratulations"
Andy Shauf " try again"
INGS " if not you"
The innocence mission " mary margaret in the air"
nada surf " looking for you"
Emily King " sides"
Angelo de Augustine "bird has flown "
Simen Mitlid " realy stars "
Walter Martin "october"
Sondre Lerche " everytime "
Emily Jane White " entity"
Pearl Jam " pendulumophorsis"
Raconteurs " thoughs and prayers"
Led Zep " Tangerine"
AC DC "Ride on "
Adam wood " golden land"

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Que du frais pour débuter les années 20 !

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nada surf " so much love"
pearl jam " love reign over me "
Johnny mafia " big brawl"
vigor hugo "ain't nobody"
gliz " king from nowhere"
sukoï fever "business over yonder"
hot snakes " checkmate"
on video "clap trap"
king nun "mascara runs"
Le trouble "one way to the airport"
Ruby bones "rooftops"
short story picture book " the eyes of the sleep deprived"
DZ deathrays "year of the dog"
the rare occasion" control"
Beatles " birthday"
Kate Davis " daisy"
The Wreck " fuck somebody "
temples "you're either or something"
balathazar " fever "
bazbaz " amicalement vôtre"
Altre Di B" it's a cloudy day in San Francisco "
Mother Mother " So down "
SYML " Symmetry "
Weird Milk " time machine "
Agnes Obel " island of the doom "
St Saviour " the place i want to be"
Shannon Wright " providence"
Tindersticks "no treasure but hope"

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2020 commence avec une programmation scintillante de l'Astrolabe. Merci Mister Duff...

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Sukoï fever " part time job"
Levon Helm band " Shake your money maker "
Balthazar " wrong vibration"
Michelle David and the gospel sessions " taking it back "
Tindersticks " for the beauty"
Bick Cave " spinning song"
Rowaland S Howard " shut me down"
temples " you're either on something "
Bazbaz " love burger "
Big Thief " not"
Jonathan Something " one dad"
Emily Jane White " dew"
Shannon Wright " fragments"
Bobbie "New town"

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La crème de 2019...

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gaspard royant " '( c'mon baby ) it's christmas time "
pearl jam " don't believe in christmas "
pi ja ma " ponytail"
yarol " sale "
the raconteurs "now that you're gone"
last train " the idea of someone"
vampire week end " harmony hall"
michelle david & the gospel session "tacking it back"
the regrettes " dress up "
joe Jackson " fool"
Bryan adams " driving under the influence of love"
stereophonics " makes friends in the morning"
Van morisson " dark night of the soul"
leif vollebekk " transatlantic flight"
grande " eastern boy"
bobbie " lord"
js ondara " god bless america "
piers faccini " hope dreams"
mathias sten " beyond you"
junius meyvant "punch through the night"
half moon run " yani's song"
aldous harding " the barrel"
Robert jon and the wreck " makes me wanna yel"

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